Birthdays from our homes...

Our family is about to go through the first of many birthdays under "Stay at Home Orders"

It is definitely a rough time right now for our little ones who don't understand why they cant have a full blown part with their friends and at the place of their choosing. 

  • I have seen the birthday parade where neighbors and friends drive by or stand from their porches with signs and sing happy birthday.
  • I have seen companies that will deliver signs and balloons on your front yard the morning of the birthday.
  • I have seen "ZOOM" birthday parties and singing.
  • I have seen numerous "Pinterest" win and fail moments while using or making fondant or frosting for a fancy cake.
  • I have seen people wearing or making special hats or tiaras for the birthday person.
  • I have seen neighbors cook dishes or pitch in for door dash to help someone celebrate during this time. 
  • There are companies doing virtual greetings from a favorite character.

The truth is you can make a birthday special no matter if you have extra funds or don't have much at all:

  • Make a special smoothie, coffee, or tea for breakfast. Go on a family walk.
  • Have their favorite treat or meal together.
  • Make a fort or special throne for the birthday person.
  • Make cards for them
  • Make an art project or a coupon book of special things to do when this is over.

Just remember it is a special day and they will feel it too.


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