Celebrate the teachers in your life....

Now more than ever, we can appreciate all that our teachers do for our children. Not only do they teach the lessons and core curriculum, but they exude patience, kindness, and care. They get creative in strategies to help children learn and enjoy school. They see our children struggle and excel and are truly their cheerleaders. While we may not be able to celebrate our teachers with gifts this week like we normally do during "National Teacher's Week", we can do things to celebrate them and lighten their loads during this time.

  • Make a card and send a video or a picture to your teachers.
  • Send e-gift cards (if allowed).
  • Send a thank you message.
  • Send a checking in message to the teacher.
  • Let them know how much your kids and you miss their school and their teachers.
  • When school begins in the classroom again, volunteer to help your child's teacher. They will appreciate more than you know and so will your kids.

Thank you to all the amazing teachers out there for helping our kids everyday and especially for all the hard work you are doing even though you and your families are in this too.

We see you and appreciate you!


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