Flowers are blooming and so can kindness...

I am loving going on walks with my family right now and finding colors of the rainbow in plants has been extremely quick and easy. The California Poppy flowers are so beautiful, the Lavender and Rosemary bushes are in full force, and the roses are in full and gorgeous bloom.

We are all focusing on how contagious diseases are during this time, but did you know that something else is contagious? Laughter, goodness, smiles, and kindness can also be contagious. Say good morning, good afternoon, hello, have a good day or night, or even a simple thank you to all of the people you interact with.

We have no idea what someone is going through so making an effort to just be there can turn someones day around.

Let's work together to enjoy the springtime beauty while making sure that we are also passing on kindness and gratitude. You may find your spirit lifted and may lift someone else up as well.


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