Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day and though we are stuck at home, there are still ways to celebrate the planet today!

  • Use the herbs in your garden for some refreshing non-alcoholic or alcoholic drinks (if you are over 21 of course)
  • Create a meal featuring non-processed foods; fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables, citrus and grains
  • Have a picnic outside- spread out a blanket or towels and enjoy the sunshine!
  • Succulents- have you ever used gourd vegetables for planting succulents for your table? It is a beautiful way to bring plants inside. (Just make sure to re-home them into a safe place once the gourd vessel starts to break down and protect your surface if keeping for more than one day)
  • Make sun tea- pull out your glass jars, put a few favorite teabags inside, and wait a few hours.
  • Create silhouette art in chalk on the sidewalk using the sun to give you some great shapes
  • Make your own paper and send some notes
  • Take a stroll and watch the sunset
  • Bird or squirrel watch
  • Check out a documentary on your favorite animals or part of the world
  • Look at images of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World
  • Make art from recycled materials
  • Clean the lint out of your dryer (good for your laundry and safety too)
  • Wash and hang dry your sheets
  • Spend time getting your hands and feet dirty in the garden or feeling the mud between your toes
  • Listen to nature sounds electronically or out your door or window




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