Having trouble staying motivated to stay fit at home?

Originally Posted on 4/9/2020 

If you having trouble getting motivated to stay fit at home, you are not alone.  Though you cannot play pickle ball or shoot hoops in the gym, work out with your favorite teachers every day, or use the stair master or treadmills or weights in the fitness room, all hope is not lost. 

  • Our website has some live fitness classes and recorded fitness classes with some of your favorite instructors.  

  • The internet is a great source for free fitness classes or even paid apps to use on your mobile devices. 

  • Walking, stretching, running, and meditating is all free and can be done safely during this time. 

  • If you have gone cold turkey or enjoyed your stash of whatever food is in your pantry. Take it slowly. Even five minutes a day is moving towards that goal. Then add another five minutes. And so on. 

  • You can spread out your workout during your new home routine (around your work meetings and duties, virtual school lessons, show binges, etc.) 

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