Heat wave- how to cool down effectively when under "Stay At Home" orders...

So the thermostat is hitting the 90's, and our normal reaction in southern California is to visit the beach, the pool, the mall, the library, or a movie theater. In L.A. County, all of those areas and businesses are currently shut down. What can we do at our homes to help stay cool and potentially save us from large utilities bills?

  • Water balloons in the backyard
  • While watering the garden, spritz the family a little bit with the hose to cool down
  • Purchase some popsicles, ice cream, or make your own at home
  • Drink cool beverages, maximize your ice use
  • During the heavy sun hours, close your blinds and curtains to help keep the heat out.
  • Schedule your exercise for early morning or late afternoon and make sure to stay hydrated.
  • Use sunscreen and wear a hat if you are going outdoors.
  • Make slushies or freeze fruit and blend with fizzy water for a refreshing treat.
  • Increase your fruit and veggie intake to stay hydrated. 

Please stay safe and remember to social distance and wear a mask when you do go out.

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