Holidays Away From Families

Typically, during the spring season, many people attend parties, picnics, meals, and events, and religious services to celebrate Easter or Passover. This year, we have to celebrate in a new way for all of our safety. It is hard to be away from our loved ones, family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. How can we still connect and reach out during this time?

  • Some people are cooking together via a electronic device, cell phones, tablets, and  computers. Some are even sharing priceless family recipes to help feel together during this time.
  • Many religious institutions are offering online services, videos, and music during this time.
  • Spend time talking about your own family traditions and why you celebrate or don't celebrate.
  • Families who usually invite their neighbors for dinner are still able to cook a plate, wrap it, and deliver it to the front step and then call for pick up.
  • Virtual egg hunts have become popular online.
  • Sharing the love via chalk on the ground. We can always write Happy Easter! Happy Passover! or simply Happy Spring!
  • I saw a great message the other day that simply said, "We are all in this together- be kind:)" 
  • You can make your personal celebrations as big or as small as you would like and as long as you do it together, you can still find joy in the next few weeks. If you have no family to gather with right now and would like a phone call- reach out to us at and we will call you to wish you a Happy Holiday.

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