How to make walks more fun for you and your families...

As our hiking trails are closed, people have been coming up with creative and fun ways to make walks more interesting for themselves and their neighbors. Please check with your cities, HOA's, and apartment buildings before placing signage or messages to keep us all out of trouble.

  • Some cities and neighborhoods are doing the Teddy Bear or stuffed animal neighborhood crawl. People place them in their windows for kids to wave to, count, and identify while on their walks. 
  • Draw a message in sidewalk chalk for your neighbors with an uplifting or silly message. I have seen people making messages for dogs in "barks and woofs".
  • Put up artwork or silly signs. There is a women who has become famous overnight for putting up a sign that her sidewalk is only for silly walking in front of her home and people are obliging.
  • Put signs of thank you out to our essential workers.
  • Put signs of hope in your windows and on your doors.
  • I have seen someone drawing in glow in the dark chalk for people that walk at night. 
  • Stop and smell the roses along your path but make sure to watch out for bees.
  • Use your neighborhood watch and next doors to create something special for your neighborhood during this time.


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