Importance of animals during this time...

My family lost their dog last year and we hadn't yet gotten over her loss. We feel it so much more during these days and have been tempted to get another one as we have more time to train and be home with a little one which we will not have time for again. I have seen so many people adopt a new dog, cat, fish, bird, or lizard during this time. It can help cut the loneliness and promote love in a household when tensions are high. This period provides a great start to an awesome life of being a pet owner and will be a positive memory in the aftermath of the pandemic.

 I have been getting my fix from one of our neighborhood cats, it comes to everyone's driveways in search of mice, grass, lizards, and birds. The feline also says hello and begs for belly scratches from anyone it comes near including my kiddos and the rest of my family. We fondly say hello and spend time enjoying her purring, her gentle head, and her sweet hellos. 

I also enjoy the sounds of the birds in our neighborhood getting used to the warmer weather and longer sunlight. My family watches the bunnies running around the yard that has more greenery and new young plants in the garden. I have enjoyed watching butterflies in the air and bees going from bloom to bloom in our front yard. Every night we hear the coyotes in the hills and now at 8 pm the neighborhood howls in solidarity. Our owl hasn't started to Hoot yet but we will start to hear those sounds soon.

If you are allergic or do not want the responsibility of a pet but want to see animals enjoying life, please consider viewing the webcams of your local zoos or aquarium. I have enjoyed watching the whale sharks and beluga whales from the "Georgia Aquarium", the baby elephant and orangutan from the "San Diego Zoo", the glowing dolphins from Newport Beach, and seeing some gorgeous sea creatures from the "Monterey Bay Aquarium". You acn also watch some amazing "BBC EARTH" programs on Neflix.

Find your peace with nature even if it is just for a few moments.

What is your favorite animal to watch or interact with right now?

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