Lose your cares in your favorite films or television shows for a little bit...

I love a good movie or losing the world in a great TV plot. Like most people I definitely have my favorites shows and films that I watch over and over. In this day and time, I find comfort in the familiar. I also get to watch these films with my kids, come for the first time, and some just for laughter. I prefer light-hearted adventure, comedies, musicals, romantic comedies, 80's hits, and British and early mysteries. My husband loves thrillers, mysteries, art films, classics, and horror. My kids love animation, 80's hits, and comedy and adventures. I know some people are bingeing their favorite shows or finding new favorites during this time. Some do it out of boredom, however, I think that losing ourselves in a different world even for 20 minutes or 2 hours helps us relax for a few moments, suspend our fears and feelings. With tensions rising as we are at home for longer periods of time, finding peace, joy, laughter,thrills, or even a good cry is an important part of helping our mental health.

What is your favorite type of show or film? What have you found that is new?

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