Memories during this time...

I miss my family and friends during this time- I miss interacting with them in person or the opportunity to hug people. I have been looking through photo albums, books, and memories on apps such as "Facebook" or "Shutterfly" to remember happier times, relive family moments, and see how much my kids have changed over the years.

I have seen many art projects and photo ideas to be able to look back on this time to remember what we have been through. No ones story is the same, keeping a journal or even a one sentence a day about life will be a great source to help us remember what this time was like in the future. It is hard to know what people are going through, please be kind.

Just like some of our grandparents and great- grandparents have memories of tragedies before today's times, they are the living history of those events. We will be the history of these events for our families. 

  • Take pictures
  • Keep a journal
  • Make artwork
  • Write letters and cards
  • Keep calling and talking about your feelings

How will you remember this time?

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