Mixing up our dinnertime routines...

So when I was younger, I loved to go to places that had a salad bar (no I wasn't a huge veggie lover but I did love toppings like croutons, jello salad, fruit salad, and more). I also loved the sundae bars with the soft serve.... so good and fun!

During this time when we look to shake up our dinner routines and even our favorites do not taste as good, I was looking for a way to get my kids involved again in food prep and allowing all of us a little bit of individuality for our food... behold a reminder of Stations or Food Bars that you can create in your house:

Sundae bar- bring out the syrups, the caramel, or butterscotch, the sprinkles, the whip cream, and the cherries- and let people make their own sundae!

(In my college they used to welcome students with giant sundaes in a covered drain pipe and each person got to dig in)

Taco Bar- it is taco Tuesday after all- warm the tortillas, pull out some lettuce leaves and hard shells and make a variety of fillings- potato tacos, meat alternatives, carnitas, beef, shrimp, fish, veggie- the choices are endless. Make sure to have salsa, guacamole, and sour cream too. Bonus- if you have leftovers- taco salad the next day:)

Mashed Potato bar- use up the bag of potatoes you bought at "Costco" and add your favorites, chives, sour cream, cheese, veggies, meat, nacho cheese, the list goes on and on...

Noodle bar- Make plain noodles and like an unending bowl at "Olive garden" put numerous sauces, cheese, olive oil, and meatballs (real or fake), you can even add international sauces and flavors to really mix it up.

Fondue- make some cheese or dessert fondue and create your own perfect bit with lots of fun savory or sweet selections.

Pancake or Waffle bar: bring out your favorite toppings and go crazy.

Omelette station- like at a fancy hotel- have everyone put their items into a bowl and then add eggs and cook- those who are not cooking get to do the dishes:)

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