Mother's Day is coming and it seems harder this year like everything else...

This weekend is a wonderful one and can also be a hard one. Some of of us haven't been able to see our mothers in months, some of us meet up annually on this date and will not be able to this year, some of us have lost our mother and this year's situation makes it even harder, some of the moms are not able to be with their kids this year, some are essential workers and will be working during the day to celebrate them, and some of us struggle with not being able to be a mother on this day. For those of you that are feeling sad this year, I send you peace and comfort and a virtual hug. I lost my grandma last fall and this year is going to be bittersweet without her for my whole family.

My kiddos and hubby have been trying to figure out what to do this year stuck at home when you are home with mom almost all the time. There are some ways that we can still make the day special even when everyone is not getting out of the house.

  • Help take over some of moms duties for the day (this could be cleaning, cooking, gardening, laundry, making coffee, etc.)
  • Let her sleep in (if she is not a morning person)
  • Allow her a mini spa time to take a bath or shower or put on a mask without interrupting. 
  • Many restaurants are offering mother's Day Meals or kits to make with the family.
  • Cook her breakfast in bed.
  • Take a swim if you are lucky to have a pool (the family can pull out the towels, the suits, and do the sunscreen)
  • Make a card out of office supplies
  • Don't for get to "Facetime" or call or text the other moms in your lives (mentors, grandmothers, step-family members, in-laws, and friends who are also moms)
  • Be kind to yourselves and to your family- these days no day is perfect.
  • Remember to say thank you to your mothers
  • Moms love handmade art, jewelry, picture frames, and other homemade things to help them remember their kids in different stages.



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