Music - It soothes the Soul!

From babies to our senior population, one thing we all enjoy is music. Now we all have different tastes in music but something that has been bringing communities together around the world is music. Apartment buildings are singing a song or making a sound at the same time every night. Musicians are doing parodies on favorite tunes, radio stations are creating pandemic tune lists, and children are singing along with favorite stations, channels, and songs.  

There are so many options for your personal soundtrack to motivate you, to calm your nerves, to sleep to, to energize you, and to encourage you to have a good time!

I will admit my daily soundtrack has changed each day during this time. When the news for the day is rough, I may break out my Christmas playlist, romantic comedy soundtracks, my sing out loud playlist, and my funky jams.

When I am having trouble sleeping I have been downloading soothing sound apps for myself to sleep to and some storytime apps with music for my kids to help soothe them to sleep.

When I need to concentrate I break out some jazz, classical, or music from my teenage and college years.

If you are looking to switch it up, there are some bands out there that are making current hits and bands sound like they are from a different era- I admit I am a little obsessed with Post Modern Jukebox when I want something to make me smile. You can also try a new genre during this time- try some current country artists or an oldies playlist. 

I have listened to a fair amount of Baby Shark, nursery rhymes, and other fun hits of having two young and active boys. I am lucky that they like to dance and I can throw in some fluffy pop hits every once in a while to mix it up when needed.

Try creating your own playlist for exercising things that add pep to your walk, songs that are more soothing to provide cool down and warm up moves, and songs that will get your heart pumping.

Hum a little tune while making breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

If you are not in an apartment or are luck enough to have neighbors who want to participate. Create your own instruments or play an instrument you have at home (while being courteous to your neighbors of course).

Sing in the shower, sing on your couch, dance like no one is watching, learn a Tik Tok dance if you are so inclined, or just groove.

What does your soundtrack look like today?

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