Virtual Learning - is it just for kids?

My son is at home virtually learning, it is also a learning experience for our household. I have members and friends who are learning a new language, taking some refresher computer courses, and more for free from sources like the LA County Library. 

  • While we are all learning remember to be kind to ourselves.
  • It is ok to struggle right now. It may be frustrating
  • Our kids are going to have meltdowns. 
  • Common Core strategies are available online for those of us that were not trained in the new methods for math. 
  • If you or they get frustrated, please consider taking a break.
  • Reignite your passion for learning and reading. 
  • Learning skills during this time may help those whose jobs have been lost or put on hold during this time when you are able to go back to work.
  • Make sure when you are interacting with teachers or other guidance providers, remember that they may be struggling with this as well. 
  • Thank those that are working so hard to help our kids learn during this time.
  • Teach home lessons while at home, how to do laundry, what are weeds vs regular plants, how to tend a garden, and how to cook or bake. Those lessons will last for years beyond this time.
  • They say patience is a virtue, remember to take some breaths when you find yourself getting upset.

What have you learned during this time?


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