What does your new Friday night look like?

Before the stay at home orders, Fridays may have been a date night, a family night, a moms night out, a happy hour, or an unwinding night from work.

Now that you are at home- can we still make evenings different or special? Do we want to? Do we still need that fun night? As we are cooking more and spending quality time together most of the time, what can we do to shake it up?

  • How to have a date night when you have kids at home and no chance of a sitter? Put on a movie for the kids and have a meal together outside. Have a special dessert together after the kids are in bed (move up bedtime for the night). 
  • I know a lot of people are doing virtual happy hours, game nights, and "Netflix" parties with friends and families.
  • Order a meal from your favorite restaurant if you can or look online for a similar recipe for your favorite order and recreate it yourself at home.
  • Share with your neighbors. If you know that someone is struggling or housebound during this time, offer to purchase them a meal or a pizza and have it delivered to the front door.
  • As it is getting hotter, look at some water fun in the backyard. 
  • Set up a tent in the backyard and have a camp out under the stars.
  • Here is anther crazy thought- any day could be the Friday night at this time:)

Do what you can and need to get through, stay safe, and stay sane during this time. It will be a little bit before we get back to normal. 

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