Will everything be the same and back to usual when we are able to go back to work and open our businesses?

This one is a hard one and I get asked this all the time. The truth is we do not know when we will go back to traditional hours, schedules, and routines. We do not know how long we will be at home. We do not know if things will resume with social distancing practices, thermometer scans, limited numbers, or changes in format. These unknowns can be unsettling. For those of you feeling down, feeling sad, feeling depressed, feeling nervous, feeling stressed, or just uncertain about how to pay bills right now, it is more than ok to feel all of these things. You may see changes in your normally perky neighbors on their walks during this time. Your children may be more clingy and revert back to behavior that you thought you were done with and they had outgrown. Your spouse, partner, or roommate may be withdrawn when all you want to do is be next to someone for comfort. The truth is as much as people want to say "All we are asked to do is be at home, why is that so hard?" It is hard because life has changed. Our students who have worked so hard to graduate are not able to do all the things you do when you graduate (proms, ceremony, senior parties/ picnics). Our friendships, relationships, family dynamics, and patience are being tested every day. Our health workers, grocer workers, delivery workers, utility workers, public safety officials, restaurant workers, local officials, and bank and pharmacists are being put at risk every day to help us have a semi-normal experience during this time. Things that are usually a source for relief like beaches and hiking trials are closed down. 

With all of that, we are in this together. We are doing this to help keep our families as safe as we can, to keep our essential workers safe (please say thank you and be kind if you do have to go out), and we have still have hope though it is common right now for it to waiver every now and then. We are all trying our best but if you are feeling overwhelmed- that is 100% normal. Turn off the news feed, take a walk, do an online workout, watch a favorite (non-pandemic themed) movie, grab a book, lay down for a breathing session and rest time, or play a game with your family either remotely or in person. It is really important right now to take care of ourselves while at home too.

 Thank you to everyone that is working to assist us during this time, thank you to our members for reaching out and caring, thank you for the great community that we live and work in.


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