Work out like a child....

Hello all- I know this title sounds crazy but if you have kids at home, especially young ones, did you know that if you literally follow your little ones around and do their activities that you will not only use muscles you  didn't know (or remember) existed but also burn a lot of calories. Your step counter/calorie counter will thank you. Try it for an hour or a day for a crazy workout. Think about it, why are kids so tired at the end of the day? It usually comes because they are moving around all day and using their entire body to do it. I tried this and I was climbing trees, furniture, crawling, bending and stretching, dancing, curling up in a ball, hopping, jumping, running, squatting, and throwing my arms out and up over and over in about 20 minutes. 

If you are looking to switch it up, this is a refreshing way to not only interact with your kids during this time, but get your heart rate up and make you laugh together.


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