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Heat wave- how to cool down effectively when under "Stay At Home" orders...

So the thermostat is hitting the 90's, and our normal reaction in southern California is to visit the beach, the pool, the mall, the library, or a movie theater. In L.A. County, all of those areas and businesses are currently shut down. What can we do at our homes to help stay cool and potentially s…

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What does your new Friday night look like?

Before the stay at home orders, Fridays may have been a date night, a family night, a moms night out, a happy hour, or an unwinding night from work.

Now that you are at home- can we still make evenings different or special? Do we want to? Do we still need that fun night? As we are cooking more an…

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Virtual Learning - is it just for kids?

My son is at home virtually learning, it is also a learning experience for our household. I have members and friends who are learning a new language, taking some refresher computer courses, and more for free from sources like the LA County Library. 

  • While we are all learning remember to be k…

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Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day and though we are stuck at home, there are still ways to celebrate the planet today!

  • Use the herbs in your garden for some refreshing non-alcoholic or alcoholic drinks (if you are over 21 of course)
  • Create a meal featuring non-processed foods; fresh herbs, fruits, vegetabl…

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Lose your cares in your favorite films or television shows for a little bit...

I love a good movie or losing the world in a great TV plot. Like most people I definitely have my favorites shows and films that I watch over and over. In this day and time, I find comfort in the familiar. I also get to watch these films with my kids, come for the first time, and some just for laugh…

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How can we be green during this time?

Now is a perfect time to use some of the materials you have at home for green purposes.

  • Collecting coffee grounds for your rosebushes.
  • Beginning an herb garden.
  • Growing succulents from clippings.
  • Collecting a small compost or large compost.
  • Reading up on what is allowed in your recycli…

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Creative outlets when you are at home....

Creativity comes in many forms and levels of talent. My social media feeds are filled with creative ideas and I get inspired by the creativity that is being uncovered by being at home for extended periods of time. Looking for something new to do? Here is a list of many creative endeavors to try.

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I can't find a mask what can I do from home?

Currently, there are numerous people making homemade masks at home out of various materials. For those without any sewing skills, there are still options to make masks from things you may have at home. I have attached a link to the CDC guidelines on protective face coverings, suggested materials, an…

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What day of the week is it?

The longer we have been under the stay at home orders, the more the days start to blend together.  Each day spills into the next one and with kids off school on spring break this week was especially hard to follow the days. Remembering which day to put out the trash, which days are "work from home d…

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Work out like a child....

Hello all- I know this title sounds crazy but if you have kids at home, especially young ones, did you know that if you literally follow your little ones around and do their activities that you will not only use muscles you  didn't know (or remember) existed but also burn a lot of calories. Your ste…

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Music - It soothes the Soul!

From babies to our senior population, one thing we all enjoy is music. Now we all have different tastes in music but something that has been bringing communities together around the world is music. Apartment buildings are singing a song or making a sound at the same time every night. Musicians are d…

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Will everything be the same and back to usual when we are able to go back to work and open our businesses?

This one is a hard one and I get asked this all the time. The truth is we do not know when we will go back to traditional hours, schedules, and routines. We do not know how long we will be at home. We do not know if things will resume with social distancing practices, thermometer scans, limited numb…

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Daily tips from March 24 -April 6


Rain got you feeling more stir crazy?

  • Make a fort
  • Pop some popcorn, pull up a black and white movie or favorite classic.
  • Go splash in the puddles!
  • Learn a new hobby with your hands- cooking, knitting, sewing
  • Shadow puppets on the wall
  • Play hide and go seek


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Spring Break under Stay At Home Orders

Much like many of you, I have children at home under a "Stay at Home" order and it is now their spring break too.

Normally, they would be enrolled in camp, on a vacation, and avoiding anything to do with school.

This year, the distance learning is on a break for the week, trails and beaches ar…

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Find small moments to find comfort and joy in:)

With families, roommates, neighbors, and couples in close quarters for a long time, it can be easy to get frustrated and lose our cool. Now that we know we need to be together for a little longer, we have missed holidays with our families, and we miss our regular routines we have to find ways to fin…

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Sunshine Day!


It is a beautiful day outside. How can you enjoy this sunshine and get your dose of Vitamin D? 

  • Take a walk 

  • Do some work in the yard 

  • Eat lunch or dinner outside. 

  • Read a book on the patio. 

  • Do some sunset yoga. 

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Stay at Home Orders Extended to May 15

Originally Posted on April 10, 2020


Today we received news that we will be staying at home through May 15. What can we do with this extra time? 

  • We can remain hopeful. 
  • We can talk about how we feel to each other. 
  • We can be kind to others. 
  • We can make masks, meals, a…

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Having trouble staying motivated to stay fit at home?

Originally Posted on 4/9/2020 

If you having trouble getting motivated to stay fit at home, you are not alone.  Though you cannot play pickle ball or shoot hoops in the gym, work out with your favorite teachers every day, or use the stair master or treadmills or weights in the fitness…

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Getting into a new routine, trying to keep a routine, or just going with the flow?

Originally posted on April 8, 2020

There is no right or wrong way to have your home/school/work life right now, we are all just making it through day by day. Your mental health is just as important as physical health during this time and finding ways to keep some traditional structure while add…

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Holidays Away From Families

Typically, during the spring season, many people attend parties, picnics, meals, and events, and religious services to celebrate Easter or Passover. This year, we have to celebrate in a new way for all of our safety. It is hard to be away from our loved ones, family, friends, co-workers, and neighbo…

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